13 going on…. 13

To Erin: on your 13th birthday

This birthday blog will stay short and sweet. It’s not that I’m lazy or you’re a terrible child with no redeeming qualities to write about. Neither could be further from the truth. Well, sometimes I can be lazy, but you my dear, are one of the coolest kids I know, full of wit and wisdom, spunk and sass.

But while today is your birthday, tomorrow is another big day. Your Bat Mitzvah!!!! I know it’s kind of hard to forget, but in case it slipped your mind, you can thank me for reminding you. So, I’m saving much of my advice and effusive praise for tomorrow. But I can’t let today go without telling you what an amazing human being you are becoming right before my eyes. You’ve always been a quirky funny kid who is comfortable in her own skin, but with each passing year, I’m getting glimpses of who you will become, and I’ve got to tell you, I love what I see.

You’re usually most comfortable in a certain sweatshirt; a bright orange tie-dye one from a State Cup Soccer Tournament. If I had my way, I’d get rid of it, but that would mean it would actually have to come off your body. I don’t think I’m exaggerating in saying that you’ve probably worn it at least 350 out of the last 365 days this last year, and those 15 days were probably either above 95 degrees or the sweatshirt was in the laundry. As of now, there are rips and stains, but you refuse to retire it. It’s kind of awesome, actually. Gross, but awesome.

You are confident and walk tall. Sure, some of that may be to reach to my height, which will happen any day now, but you’ve got a self-assuredness that is rare for someone your age. I hope you never lose that. You can read a situation fairly quickly and can normally navigate around the landmines that can trip up other middle school girls. You don’t ignore the drama, but you tend to observe, rather than put yourself into the middle of things. A bit of advice: stay out of the middle when it comes to middle school drama. That’s where you’ll find most of those landmines.

I’m beyond excited for this upcoming weekend and to have people see you shine! I love you, kiddo!


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