Carrie enters the double digits

Happy 10th birthday, Carrie!

This birthday is a milestone for many reasons. Yes, you’ve left behind your single digit days and are well on your way to becoming a ‘tween, but more than that, this means I no longer have any “little kids” in the house. Sure, you’ll always be the youngest, but you’re growing up right before my eyes. I swear, when you get up some mornings rubbing the eye boogers out of your eyes, it appears like you’ve grown overnight. I know it’s not fast enough for you as you’re still the smallest of your friends (at least you were at last check), but trust me on this. You’re growing leaps and bounds.

Some things about you will never change though, like your ability to spontaneously start singing and dancing in the kitchen for no apparent reason. I’ve said it before, but your musical and dancing skills are an anomaly (that’s a fancy word for not normal) in our family.  After a short stint in musical theater, you’ve declared you’re done with the theater, but I’ve got a feeling you’ll make a return to the stage. You’ve got a talent, my dear, one that more than just your friends and family should see. For now, you’re putting your talents to good use with the guitar. You started lessons last summer and you’re still going strong. I won’t lie. When you first started playing, the practices were hard on my ears and a little cringeworthy. But what a difference 9 months makes! I now love listening to you practice. You’re also not just content to simply play the songs your teacher assigns you. You’re now going to YouTube to learn new songs. Since one such song is Happy Birthday, I think it’s only fitting that you serenade yourself for your birthday. 🙂


While the differences between you and your sisters are as vast (that’s a fancy word for big) as the Pacific Ocean, you do have a few similar interests. With Erin, it’s soccer. You’ve made big improvements over the past year and for a short while, played on three teams! I don’t know who’s happier that you’re now just down to one team, me or you. You may be small, but you’re fast on the soccer field, putting your short stature to good use with those lickity quick legs.  You don’t like cheers or coaching from the sidelines, and let me and Dad know it when we get too loud for your liking.


With Olivia, you’ve found similar joys in cooking. Right now, you’re specialty is pancakes, but I’m confident you’ll expand your repertoire (definition: a big box of skills) in the coming year. Come to think of it, I remember some really tasty chocolate muffins you made, although you have to admit, they’re really cupcakes without the frosting. Next up, we’ll have you making dinner, maybe even working together with Olivia. (Hey, a mom can dream, right?)


I’m still trying to figure out the similarities you have with me and dad, but one thing is for sure, you love the great outdoors just like we do. You hardly complain about going on hikes with us (unlike one of your other sisters who will remain nameless), and have fully embraced your inner National Park ranger. I’m happy to report that you’ve gotten your badges in the two National Parks we’ve visited this year.

No matter if you’re more like Erin or Olivia or me or Dad, the most important thing is for you to be you. You’re seriously one of a kind. You love to laugh and love making other people laugh, especially with your funny faces and endless supply of selfies. I wouldn’t want you any other way!

I love your crazy antics even when they sometimes drive me crazy!







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